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Stop Space Invaders From Cluttering Up Your Home

By Heather Hahn @HeatherHahnn

We all recognize the importance of space in our homes. That’s why, if a home has a bit of it, the seller will instantly put “roomy” in the online ad. If it’s not so spacious, then the realtor speak comes out in full force. “It’s cozy” is one. “Intimate” is another. “Suffocating” rarely makes the cut.

Of course, recognizing the importance of space is one thing, and actually having and affording it quite another. You’ll never run out of articles about how the trend these days is “towards a smaller home”. And while this is partially true, it’s not a trend in the sense that people choose smaller. It’s just that they are cheaper to build and cheaper to buy.

So Realtors Are Lying To Us?

Sometimes, kind of. It’s pretty much in the job description. They’re selling you a dream. And a small house. The dream is that it’s bigger.

So My Dream Of Space Is Never Coming True?

Well, hold up. I didn’t say that. It’s just that you may need to be more creative with what you have. Take a leaf out of the realtor’s book on that. But you can create real space in a home where it’s at a premium.

How Do I Do That?

It’s all about how you use the space that you have. The core principle is maximizing the space available to you. Used right, it can be very advantageous.


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Step 1. Make Clever Use Of Storage

Cupboards and closets that are built into the wall, not attached to it, are ideal. They don’t hang into the room that they are in, which makes all the difference. The extra space makes a room easier to relax in. Also, any storage that you add should be tall rather than long or deep. The less floor it takes up, and the more wall, the better.

Step 2. The Littler Rooms Need The Biggest Imaginations

Smaller rooms in a house can be hard to maximize. This is particularly the case for bathrooms and kitchens. After all, you can’t just do without a toilet or a sink. That said, you can limit the space the necessities take up. Shower pods plumb right in with no need for elaborate pipes. You don’t need a bathtub at all, so unless you really want one, don’t include it in your searches.

Step 3. Let’s Take This Outside

One reason that we end up feeling so cramped in our houses is the amount of stuff we have in there. Not all of it needs to be there. If you’re always battling to stop kitchen cupboards overflowing, have an additional storage cabinet. But here’s the key: Put it outside. You can keep dried goods like pasta and rice in there. In winter, it’s like a second fridge! Or a third, if you’re doing well for yourself.

We’d all like a little more space in our homes, and it isn’t always easy to come by. But you’d be amazed how much room you can add just by taking a few simple choices that free up space you didn’t realize you had.

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