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Still Running!

Posted on the 24 March 2012 by Andyepb

Chart of FTSE-100 at 23rd March 2012Much to my surprise, my last bet was not taken out by the 200 point gain on the Dow last week and has actually come into profit! I was all ready to give up trading on the grounds that I have found it impossible to avoid framing my decisions in terms of what the conspirators are saying when I discovered that my last bet was still running. Admittedly though, this is more by luck than judgement, as the index went well above the 20 day moving average which was where I predicted it would peak. Though their advice could not be described as optimal, I would have made money on my last two bets as well had I run with the conspirators. Could things finally be turning around? The conspirators claim they are, but, given how much money they have cost me over the years, I think it is a bit soon to judge.

I am standing by my prediction of a dip to the support at around 5750; the FTSE went to 5800 yesterday before bouncing back quite strongly and both I and the conspirators are looking for a gentle decline from here to that level before the third (and final?) leg of this bull run finally takes the index through 6000. There has been no particular reason for this dip: the markets just seem to be taking a breather before the next surge.

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