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Still Here

By Myfilmproject09

Sorry to get back, had a bit of several things that I had to deal with. I had some more talk about the French movie. As of now, nothing is there, or at least nothing I know. They wanted to make it a few years ago but couldn't get the "francs" or euros".
I also have some work on my screenplay for someone wants to look at it. 
And I've got to do a couple of days to fix it up as well as dealing with IRS of course, but they're quite helpful.
I was considering talking to my first agent, the one that really didn't get much work and what led to about 7 or so agents until I got a big one, which lasted for a long time until my agent within the agency decided to leave.
And left me dead. Actually he left several writers. He decided to go to the film side where he took cameramen/women, production offices, line producers, production manager, all that stuff.
So that went cold, and it took me some time to have someone again who was/is still in the business I was/is at least I think.
By the way it's also a good way for writers to get these jobs, even smaller ones. One of my jobs after I left the tv producers for small TV companies as assistant on a movie where I carried stuff for the whole show. 
It might not be the best job, but you can learn a hell of a lot. I did a Location Manager once, which is a fun job, looking for locations, you learn a lot from that.
In fact I might do a blog on this.
Anyway I should be up and running before the end of the week.
How about the basketball winners who played in Toronto and, as far as I know, none of the players are Canadian!! It was a huge thing for Canada, Toronto had 1.5 million people flooding downtown.
Far out... Raptors!!

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