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Steps to Gorgeous Nails...

By Anupamapnb @divallista

Hey everyone!
Healthy well-manicured nails are integral if you want to look like the fashionista you feel. Just keeping them buffed, shaped and polished isn't enough anymore. Pretty girls need a little more pampering. Follow these steps to keep your nails in top shape!
Steps to Gorgeous Nails...

Products you'll need ~
Steps to Gorgeous Nails...
  • Nail Buffer/File : Basicare/Vega/Konad 4-way Nail Buffer
  • Bath Salt : Soulflower Ocean Minerals Bath Salt
  • Cuticle Oil : Konad Cuticle Oil Rose
  • Cuticle Trimmer/Pusher
  • Hand and Nail Cream : H2O+ Spa Targeted Hand and Nail Cream
  • Base Coat : Rimmel 5 in 1 Nail Treat
  • Nail Paint : Maybelline Color Show Glitter Mania Pink Champagne
  • Nail Enamel Remover : Lakme Nail Color Remover with Vitamin E
  • Cotton Buds
  • Top Coat : Bourjois Top Coat

Step 1 : Buff and file your nailsSteps to Gorgeous Nails...Steps to Gorgeous Nails...A nail buffer generally contains a rougher side (emery) and a polishing side. The rough side should be used first all over the nail surface. This takes care of unsightly uneven ridges and evens out the nail texture and surface. Nest use the polishing side to add shine to nails. Don’t leave out this step because creating an even nail surface goes a long way in flawless nail paint application! Then use a nail file to shape your nails in the desired shape.Step 2 : Soak your nailsSteps to Gorgeous Nails...Pour a teaspoon of your favorite bath salt in lukewarm water and soak your hands for the next 15-20 mins. This will soften up the cuticles and will make the dry areas of your hand moist.Step 3 : Applying Cuticle OilSteps to Gorgeous Nails...To take very good care of cuticles is one of the most important step in manicure session. Using a cuticle oil softens up the cuticle area and then you can further go away with Step 4.Step 4 : Taking care of cuticlesSteps to Gorgeous Nails...For this you would need the Cuticle Pusher and Trimmer to nip away dead skin or trim cuticles. You need to be very careful with this as a little more pressure than required can cut into skin and cause painful infections and bleeds. Step 5 : Moisturize your handsSteps to Gorgeous Nails...After trimming and pushing your cuticles, moisturize your hands nicely with a heavy textured hand cream. Massage your hands and cuticles nicely with soft motions and allow it to absorb for the next 15-20 mins. Next take a cotton and wipe your nails to make them free of oil.Step 6 : Apply the base coatSteps to Gorgeous Nails...This step is very important if you have uneven ridges or a less smooth nail surface because the base coat fills out the uneven ridges that may have been smoothened. The base coat also helps the nail paint lasts longer and protects yellowing of nails and staining.Step 7 : Apply the nail colorSteps to Gorgeous Nails...Once the base coat has dried, apply the nail paint of your choice. Wait for it to dry and then apply a second coat (if needed) to get an opaque finish. Step 8 : Clean up the cuticlesUsing a q-tip dipped in nail enamel remover, clean up the cuticles alongside your nails. THis step gives a clean and neat finish.Step 9 : Seal with a top coatSteps to Gorgeous Nails...Seal the dry nail paint with a top coat. THis will give a glossy finish and prevent it from chipping for probably longer periods.Hope this post helps you in maintaining your nails and cuticles. Share your comments below. 

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