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Stepping into a Dream ~ Boston

By Paceofme
I'm on the edge of this incredible experience and it all feels like a magical dream about to come true.
I am a girl with her head in the clouds.
Always have been.
Hope to always be.
Some dreams are just simply fun to conjure up and put out there - the act of dreaming fills my heart with such wonder as I contemplate the seemingly endless possibilities in life.  But there are some dreams that just have a special quality to them that makes your heart want to LEAP.  Courage swells inside you like a wave and this gives you the wings to go after your dream.  You find yourself determined to do all you can to make it into a reality.  There is no looking back.  Who knows really where it will take you - most likely to places you never really imagined.
This is what happened with my dream of running Boston.
The pursuit of a dream is filled with twists and turns and surprises and discoveries.
It's never easy - NOT EVER - but it is always worth it.
Goodness knows there were so many times that I struggled and failed and almost gave up.  So many days I had to pick myself up again and again.
And again.
I am so glad that I did.  So grateful I never gave up.
And here I am.
Fully aware that I am stepping into a dream that I have EARNED.
I cannot wait to set my feet in Boston.  To run my heart out there.  To soak up all the amazingness of this race, of this community, of this sport that I love so very, very much.  This sport that has helped shape me and has shown me sides of myself I never knew existed.  Any marathon I train for and run is a celebration of sorts to me.  But Boston is special.  Especially this Boston - my first Boston.  A race that is coming off of the most difficult stretch of months in my entire life in so many ways.  I cannot even describe to you how I am feeling in this moment - words aren't doing justice at all.
H A P P Y.
Tomorrow  afternoon I will be getting on a plane to Boston with my mother.  She is coming with me and I am so thankful to share this with her.  I am feeling so strong, so grateful, so aware and so open to all that this experience has in store for me.
I cannot wait!!!!

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