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Training Reflections: April 24-30

By Paceofme

Last week was a big week – in my running and in my life. It started off on a very sad note, with the passing of our dog Riley. She was 15 1/2 years old, and our first baby. I miss her so much. It has been lonesome without her in the house. Even though I know she lived a long life, and that we were so blessed to have her with us as long as we did, it still just isn’t the same around here without her. There has been an undertone of melancholy with everything we have done since she passed a week ago, and I imagine there will be for a while until the fog lifts and the heaviness lightens. We will eventually be left with just happy wonderful memories of our time with her and a feeling of warmth in our hearts when we think of her, but right now it just makes us sad. I know that only time will heal that.

Training Reflections: April 24-30

our “little big dog” Riley

On Monday afternoon I went to see Dr. Boggess, the osteopath who performed my Tenex procedure. The kids came with me, and we were all definitely a bit out of sorts because of losing Riley earlier that day. Dr. Boggess examined my foot with ultrasound as well as had me do some balance and pain tests. My plantar fascia was 100% healthy and normal (he measured it at 4mm), and I was in zero pain, so this was wonderful news. He told me he doesn’t need to see me again. As much as I like him and am so very thankful for the amazing care he has given me these last 2+ months, I am really hoping I never have to make another appointment with him again! This journey has grown me and made me stronger and better on so many levels, and I am indeed thankful for it when all is said and done. At the same time though, I intend to never have to go through something like this again!

I followed up with Dr. Jason on Wednesday. He is the chiropractor and ART specialist I have been seeing since December. For a long time I saw him twice a week. Then once a week. And on Wednesday last week he “graduated” me further and I do not have to see him next for 2 weeks! I adore him and know he has helped me more than I even have words for, but I would like to see him less frequently too

The tissue in my foot is progressing well and I have not been in any pain, even as I have carefully been increasing the time on my feet each week and getting back into running. This is all fantastic news and sometimes I want to pinch myself I am so grateful.

I ran/walked three times last week:

Wednesday: 1 mile walk, 5 x 2:00 run/1:00 walk, 20 minutes running, 1 mile walk. Average pace was 12:02/mi. 5.68 miles total. For My 20 minutes I ran 2.27 miles: 9:00, 8:43 and 8:30 paces. We took a little bit of a hillier route that day because we had a lot of rain in the days prior and the trails were muddy.

Friday: 1 mile walk, 5 x 2:00 run/1:00 walk, 25 minutes running, 1 mile walk. Average pace was 11:18/mi. 6.4 miles total. This time I increased my long run interval by 5 minutes and my pace was a little faster I think because the route was less hilly. In my 25 minutes I ran 2.91 miles: 8:36, 8:35 and 8:37 paces. My wonderful friend Dora was visiting, and I introduced her to my NC friends Amy and Liz! It was so fun to be out there together sweating at sunrise.

Training Reflections: April 24-30

Sunday: 1 mile walk, 5 x 2:00 run/1:00 walk, 25 minutes running, 1 mile walk. I covered a total of 6.58 miles, averaging an 11:12/mi pace. For my 25 minutes of running I was a little faster managing to run a little over 3 miles (3.02 to be exact!) at 8:10, 8:23 and 8:15 paces. I think I was faster because I was on my own, not spending any energy chatting it up with my girlfriends


I also swam on both Tuesday and Thursday last week (something I intend to keep up with as I really love it and feel it is good for me on lots of levels), and did two strength workouts. Saturday was a rest day but I did go for a leisurely walk around my neighborhood for an hour that day. All in all, I have no complaints! Just a little over 18 miles for the week, all pain free and healthy. I will take it!

I know I have to be patient as I build back my strength and fitness, and there really is no comparing myself with the athlete I “used to be” … she didn’t know better and ran herself into the ground.

I would rather be here than there any day.

Here’s to a new week ahead, and also to the start of a new month! May has a lot going for it. It really, really does.

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit!!

Training Reflections: April 24-30

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