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Stay in Shape While On Vacation

By Mpiccolo

It turns out May is Physical Fitness and Sports Month, who knew!?

And recently I asked on my FB page what topics people wanted to covered in a blog post and a few replied with “How to stay in shape while traveling.”  I immediately put together my Hotel Workout which I know many of you tried and liked. But today’s post is more about staying fit while on vacation, which alot of people seem to have a hard time with. “I went on vacation and I came back 5lbs heavier!”

Okay well, you may have just eaten off your plan but it could also be that while vacation is great for relaxing, sometimes it helps to get a little bit of activity instead of just chillin on the beach sipping margaritas.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!) ;)

While doing some research for this post I took some typical vacation spots and sought out any sort of ways you could have fun but also get a workout in without breaking the bank and without seeming like a killjoy.  Let’s face it, most people take vacation to take a break, not break a sweat.  But here’s some good news for those of us that still like to stay on track:

Las Vegas


Sin City has more than just casinos and clubs.  The Aria Las Vegas, for example, has a “Hotel Hike” that is designed to target the same muscles you would use on a regular hike.  You are given a hike leader who will take you on a tour of the grand hotel past restaurants, the casino, and art installations. You purposely skip the escalators so you get the full on hike effect.  For those who are heading to Vegas for the first time, I would bet this is a great way to see the city instead of sitting at a poker table all day.



If you’re lucky enough to embark on a cruise this year, you’ll probably do well to try Royal Caribbean.  Apparently their ships offer wave pools, zip lines, rock climbing walls, and mini golf.  Some even feature an indoor ice skating rink!  That’s a firwt, ice skating on a boat?! Most ships have a fitness facility and even a full sized basketball court too.  There is literally no excuse for not getting up and moving. And of course at the ports you can do your typical outdoor activities like snorkeling or horseback riding on the beach.

Out West…or as I like to call them: The Square States


You’d think if you’re going to travel out west, sure you could  just run outside and get some of your usual boring cardio in easily.  That’s all fine and dandy but how about trying out something new while you’re out there?

Phoenix implements something called Silent Sundays where outdoor enthusiasts including runners, walkers,cyclists, skate boarders, wheelchair users, and stroller riding tots can call the streets their own. The main access roads are closed to motor vehicles on the second Sunday of every month at North Mountain Park and on the fourth Sunday at South Mountain Park. No worries about getting in the way of all those cars on the road while trying to get your run on.

There’s something called Canyoneering that sounds like a full body workout. According to the Utah Canyoneering Guide, a guide named Tom describes canyoneering as this: “We go down canyons. And find out what is there. And have fabulous adventures. We use ropes, often. Our hands and feet, quite a bit. Our shoulders, elbows, hips, thighs, calves, backsides – also quite a bit. Our cleverness, our wit, our fortitude, our sense of humor, our pluck, our desperation, our relationships with one-another, our spirit of adventure – all these at times, we use, on these adventures of the spirit.”

Sunshine, Blue Water, Beaches


Sounds like paradise. But a beach is also the easiest place to get in a good workout: Running in packed, wet sand.  Now if you want a real challenge, you can opt for the dry sand but you’ll feel like you’re going nowhere because of how difficult it is to get your footing.  Save that for some Yoga or a beach activity with friends like frisbee or beach volleyball. Of course, swimming is the other obvious choice here for a workout but after just a few minutes, that can feel like eternity. Keep it light, you’re on vacation after all!

Hope some of these options give you something to think about next time you book your next vacation.  Remember it doesn’t have to be an excuse to gorge yourself.  You can still get a little workout in no matter where you are!

If you have other tips feel free to leave in the comment section and don’t forget to use #TravelFit2014 so others can see it too!

Stay in Shape While On Vacation

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