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Start Delegating and Start Having a Successful Wedding Planning Business

By Sharonhill @sharonhill

Start Delegating and Start Having a Successful Wedding Planning Business

As someone who just started a wedding planning business, are you doing everything yourself – running your business, handling every detail of the weddings you plan, and probably also running a home and caring for your family – and feeling stressed because most of it isn’t getting dome?

You know you need help, but believe that it’s too expensive.

An article in the July issue of Success magazine points out that the most precious thing we have is our time. When we allow ourselves to hire people to help us, we create the time we need to grow our businesses.

The article quoted Carol Merlino, who created “Take Our Daughters to Work Day,” as saying that women (men – you may be guilty of this also so read on) do too much on their own and, “… often see hiring as an expense rather than a way to make more money.”

In other words, when you hire people to help you at home and assistants to help you with your business, you will have the time to focus on serving your brides and marketing to get more clients.

Here are 5 steps to delegating:

1) Understand that top wedding planners became that way by releasing on the need to control everything and delegating tasks that don’t generate revenue.

2) Start slowly, determine one area in which you need assistance, either in your home (such as housekeeping or gardening) or in your business (such as scheduling meetings, writing letters, or running errands), and interview people with those skills.

3) Hire someone you can trust to do a great job, don’t just hire relatives who will work for low pay, that never works out.

4) Clearly explain their job duties and check in occasionally to make sure they are doing what you want.

5) Focus your new time on marketing your wedding planning business and making it a financial success.

Once you start seeing the benefits of  delegating to get some of your time back, you will wonder why you hadn’t done it earlier.

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