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Spending Ban

By Beautybykaris @beautybykaris

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Hey There,

Too many times have I had to put myself on a spending ban, and does it ever work…No? I get tempted by new products, blogger chats, and my Instagram feed, (Blogger problems).

I may have briefly mentioned in previous posts, that I moved home in August 2013 to pay of some student debt, you know the usual credit card, overdraft, and any other money I could get my hands on student debt. My original plan was to have it all paid off by 2014, and it just keeps getting pushed back each month. My justification is always, ‘Oh I need a new top’, ‘Oh and that lipstick’, ‘Oh I’ve read loads of good reviews on that, I must buy it’, ‘Well I haven’t treated myself in a while…’.

Its got to the point now, where I have realised that I AM A SHOPAHOLIC IN DENIAL!

I have been complaining about my money situation for a while, genuinely convincing myself and trying to convince everyone around me, that I don’t know where it all goes. Often saying, ‘I have nothing to show for my money’, ‘I don’t know what I spend it on’, (With a overflowing makeup bag, and closet rammed full of clothes). When I know I have just spent it on my third black midi skirt, (They are all different…Honest), or on a new cami top, as ‘I don’t have anything to wear’…STORY OF MY LIFE!!

After coming to this realization over the past few weeks, and getting itchy feet, wanting to move out, or at least go on holiday this year, enroll on a MUA course, and the rest. I have decided I need to be strict. This means only buying budget items, (If I really need them). Luckily, I have still got quite a few ‘to blog about’ products piled up, but (And, although this will be torture) I will have to focus more on posting wish lists, than talking about what I’m using. Hopefully, if I stick to this, I will be out of my financial predicament by the summer, (Surely I can last two maybe three months). Another thought, (Keeping me sane), is that my mom makes exceptionally good choices when it comes to her make up and skincare collection, so there’s always the option of stealing her stuff, (Perks of living at home).

I have a blogger meet up in May, so I know the temptation will hit hard then, especially when we all get to chatting about outfits, new make up and our favorite items, (Not including all the stuff we will be surrounded by on the day). However, I have already decided, that if I can make it until the bloggers meet up, (May 17th), without ‘spending’ unnecessary money on myself, I will treat myself to one new thing, (At the moment, I’m thinking MAC lipstick).

I know a lot of bloggers put themselves on these spending bans, so any tips or advise let me know. And if you have any budget items/shops/makeup you can share with me, it would be much appreciated.


Lots of Love,


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