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10 Things I Love About Christmas Day

By Beautybykaris @beautybykaris

Christmas Day

Hey There,

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year! Even at 25 my mom still saves the Christmas tree decorating for me! I am still waiting for the day I can turn my own place in to a little Santas grotto. With it being Christmas Eve, I thought I would share what I love about Christmas day, mostly involving food and alcohol consumption, (Obviously)…

  1. Having Champagne with breakfast is an acceptable thing.
  2. No one judges you on how much you eat.
  3. Spending time with family and friends.
  4. The FOOD – Smoked salmon, roast potatos, pigs in blankets, cheese boards… AND the rest.
  5. Lets not forget the over indulgence, which includes the compulsory scoffing of a celebrations box.
  6. Christmas movies, soap dramas, and food comas.
  7. The giving and receiving of presents, (but mostly the receiving).
  8. Our annual Christmas eve gathering with the girls, (technically not Christmas day but its still up there).
  9. Sitting down and playing board games with the family, and getting way too competitive.
  10. Spending most of the day, (Or at least the morning) in a fresh set of PJs especially purchased for Christmas day wear.

Whats your favorite thing about Christmas day? Do you have any Christmas traditions?

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

Lots of love,


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