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Sox Win Streak Halted at One

By Callofthegreenmonster @cotgm

All the feel good momentum from the Red Sox' recent winning streak came to an abrupt stop in Kansas City Tuesday as a battle between baseball's worst teams found the pesky Royals halting the Red Sox winning streak at one.

"A tough way for the streak to come to an end," said pitcher Daniel Bard.  "Maybe if our manager didn't seem obsessed with leaving pitchers in the game until their arms fall off we could have extended it, but we'll get back on the winning track."

Bobby V seemed dejected after the tough loss, but tried to put on a brave face.  "Would have been nice to get that second in a row, really catch fire, you know what I mean?" he said.  "Maybe if we had pitchers who could get us deep into games we could have extended it.  I'll say this, though, it's going to be really exciting if we ever get to .500.  Party time, boys!"

Upon hearing Valentine's comments, Dustin Pedroia shook his head. "Boy does this season suck, man."

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