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South of the Border

By Stampmouse
We tried a bit of a different vacation this year.  Headed out of the gloomy skies of Spokane to Puerto Vallarta Mexico for a week in the sun and warmth.  The difference is we made no plans other than where we were staying.  No planned trips no extensive research on what to do.  Nothing   Yeah that is so unlike me.  But I had a rough year last year very stressful so we decided to just go and have fun.
We flew out on a cold day, praying the whole way to the airport that we wouldn't get stuck here and not get in an accident on the foggy and slick roads.  First time I had to fly out on a plane that needed deicing too.
Once airborne I felt much better.  A brief stop in Seattle then a stop in LA and we arrived
This was the view from our room at Los Arcos an all inclusive resort right on the beach and extremely affordable especially since we were booked in with a group.
i have to say the bathroom was so dang cute.  I have to share the sink.
we had such a relaxing time it was just what the doctor ordered.  thought about para sailing but never got around to it  looked like fun though, next time.
I read 5 books while gone that's how relaxing it was.  Didn't get sun burned (neither did Dave thankfully) we had umbrellas at the beach but ended up with a nice glow. A view of our beach area and hotel.
just a short walk from our hotel was a beautiful pier that was built a year ago
the night we arrived they had a firework celebration.  Nice of them to do that for our arrival I thought. well it was actually the anniversary for the pier
the vendors that came through the beach area were not pushy though they did come around many times.  My favorite was the nut man. yummy
we had one cloudy and a bit rainy day but it still beat Spokane.  It just meant I read more in my book
the food was good and they even put on a little bit of a show.  At the side cafe several in the group ordered Mexican coffee.  It has ice cream in it and liquor that is lit on fire
this is them preparing to the alcohol (actually was for my banana foster but same procedure)
and ends with a cherry on top
and at night the sunsets were always great
will share a few more pictures in upcoming posts.

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