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After Race, Clean up and a Nice Dinner My Race Partner Ne...

By Stampmouse
after race, clean up and a nice dinner my race partner needed to rest I got restless so I went for a walk.  Yeah I know i just did 21 miles I must be insane but just outside our bed and breakfast was a beautiful place
california 2013-40
do you spot them?
california 2013-33
yep those are sea lions basking in the daylight
california 2013-31
just across the street from where we were staying!!!!
california 2013-35
so I walked along the rocky shore for a while
california 2013-37
california 2013-36
i fell in love with this tree
california 2013-41
this is where we stayed such a charming place.
california 2013-42
lastly a few more shots of monterey
california 2013-3
california 2013-5
california 2013-4
don't even ask what that white stuff is
california 2013-19
we took a quick ride down to carmel to see the sites
california 2013-26
that is the world famous golf course
california 2013-27
beautiful beach
california 2013-29
i love these trees
california 2013-28
even a banner for the race we came to do
california 2013-30
and then it was time to head home.  I made it past security with only a few glaces by now my face is so swollen i joked with coworkers the next day about our other coworker that came with me saying she gets a little angry when she doesn't get her coffee in the morning. hahaha
ever take photos from the air?  here are a few I took this trip
california 2013-43
california 2013-1
california 2013-2
i love this shot too
california 2013-44

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