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Monterey Aquarium

By Stampmouse
while in Monterey for the big sur 21 miler we had time to go to the aquarium.  I haven't been there since i was a small child.  And loved it then and it didn't disappoint this trip either
 the big draw was the jellyfish and the seahorse exhibits.
they had all kinds of jellyfish like this neon jellyfish
california 2013-16
the moon jellyfish are one of my favorites
california 2013-15
these actually looked like spaceships in outer space
california 2013-14
they had many varieties most of which I don't remember the names of
california 2013-13
this is one of my favorite shots of them.  Its hard to get a really good shot with all the glass but this one made me happy
california 2013-12
california 2013-11
do you get the picture that they fascinate me?
california 2013-10
then came the seahorses.  so delicate so precious
california 2013-9
my husbands personal favorite
california 2013-8
california 2013-7
and for a last shot on seahorses:
california 2013-6
and of course there were sharks
california 2013-17
weird and ugly fish
california 2013-18
the penguins were just not very social today and this was my favorite shot it made me feel sad for them.  on display for so long that must get frustrating.
california 2013-21
this was cool to see.  I have never seen anything but dead sand dollars
california 2013-22
and this shot made me hungry
california 2013-23
if you ever get to monterey GO to the aquarium there is so much more than this there and it really is a wonderful aquarium.

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