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Bayview Eagles

By Stampmouse
Its a tradition that every New Year's Day we go visit the eagles in Idaho that come there to eat off the salmon.  they are usually only there about a month starting in December and ending just after New Years.  Normally we go to Coeur'd Alene near wolf lodge bay but this year we went a little further.  we went to Bayview Idaho and we weren't disappointed.
this was my favorite shot:
I only have a 105 and this was cropped down from the original shot.
can you spot the eagle in this shot? shows off some of the town too
bayview sits on Lake Pend Oreille which also is home to a Navy research center they use to do a lot of submarine testing there not sure if they still do or not but legend says this lake has a few spots where they have not been able to find the bottom with the echo testing
here is a close up of one of the navy's research sites:
the eagle has landed well just about
I just can't get enough of these creatures they are amazing to see.  if you ever get a chance to see one even in captivity do it!!!
this looks like a juvenile
ok enough with the eagles right?  more on my flickr page if you go there.
but back to the town of bayview a small quaint town that looks like a beautiful place to live.  Would hate to see the prices for the homes though with that kind of view.
now this house boat is one I would LOVE to live in
nature is good

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