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Sorry, Sorry, but I'm Drooling with Pleasure

By Davidduff

This is simply too, too delicious but according to the 'Noo Yawk Post' (a somewhat Right-wing newspaper!) 'Ol' Big Ears' is intending to do the dirty on 'HillBilly'.  Word is that very confidential talks have taken place between the ghastly Valerie Jarret, Muppet-Master-in-Chief to the, er, Commander-in-Chief whose golf handicap is coming along nicely since you ask - you did ask, didn't you? - and possibly the most hilarious American politician since . . . well, just think of the dippiest dipstick of the lot, double it, and there you have 'Fauxcahontas', aka, 'Big Chief Bullshit', or Sen. Elizabeth Warren:

Sorry, sorry, but I'm drooling with pleasure

Doesn't she look just right, you know, authentic, as a Red Indian squaw?  Here she is saying "How!" to all the tribal chieftans in, er, Massachusetts!  I mean, you can just see the Cherokee in her coming out, can't you?

Sorry, sorry, but I'm drooling with pleasure

Anyway, 'Ol Big Ears' has never forgiven Bill for various slights over the years especially during the nomination campaign between him and Hillary and he would delight in dishing the Clintons, man and wife, by throwing his support behind 'Faucahontas'!

As for 'Fauxcahontas', her claim to being 1/32 Cherokee came when, entirely by coincidence I'm sure, Harvard Law School gave her a professorship via the Minority Races list. Handy that!  As for her politics, just think Presidente Hollande and multiply by ten and if you can see where France is headed then the USA will rapidly follow if the American electorate is daft enough to vote this phoney-balloney woman into office.


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