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Sorry - Ghostkeeper Comes Back - Or Not

By Myfilmproject09

Sorry but a lot of Gkpr stuff that will never get right, with a lot of people who have no heart. I know the business and how cruel it could be. Like I made a movie and they had nothing to it.
Funny about this, I never thought I'd get so much attention basically with all those horror people who "discovered" Gkpr made by a guy and the other day, who made a short film at the 1976 Academies. And the same winning in Canada the same year.
Well, there's a lot of problems now because someone took Gkpr for himself to sell and threaten anyone else for trying.
So I'm in one of those potential things for now.
Gotta work a little more for the next few days.
Never know what will become?
Hang on.
Meantime I'm ready for Terminator; Dark Fate

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