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Sorry for Long Time

By Myfilmproject09

Sorry for long time
I'm sorry to be off this week, a lot of things that took too much time.
First off, I went to see my 97-year old aunt Lena and traveled across the great Canada
flatlands and grain, beautiful to me, as I grew up there, in a small town. But this trip was a little problematic and caused some problem regarding that three of the guys who check
the baggage. 
Actually not a big deal but they were trying out something on the
sliding thing and asked me if I mind them trying to see if it works. I said sure, and
they pulled out my laptop but they had problems opening and closing. So they
thanked me and left.
But when I got to my aunt's I realized my laptop broke. So I called to whomever I call and
they said to call. I called but a lady answered and said that the guys didn't do
anything to my laptop.
So this turns into hell. This was a month ago and now they say that they have cameras
that said there were no customs/whatever's guys touched my laptop. She said you were
gone by then.
So, I still have a broken laptop screen. Nice...
And after that I have some other deals, had to do some work for the
French movie and this went on for three days in order for them to
figure out how the bank thing happens. Simply they would send my
money to my bank. Simple.
Well, no. They didn't know how to send money to another country like this;
You send it to USA or Canada. 
Both countries make it simple. But this took 3 days or so.
So I'm beat. Still have to do some more info with the French, but I think it's done.
I have no idea why my words above are in strange sentences.
See you Monday.

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