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Sooo Hard to Find!

By Princesstinks @princesstinks
Why is it you find something that is perfect only to find yourself searching for it everywhere!well Ive had exactly that Ive been going from darkest brown hair to a medium blonde and I'm nearly there! but Ive been researching the perfect color and i found two so i thought great so i pop to my local shopping center which has a large boots and i reasonable size superdrug and nope they didn't have either of them so i thought hmm ok so i go to asda which is a large asda nope tesco nope Wilkinson's nope. so by this time i was thinking great found two perfect shades and i cant find them!so i ring Garniers free helpline and they said yep still available in tesco, asda, Wilkinson's! but it wasn't like that had sold out there was no space where it should go!so i gave up!then we was on a day out and we poped in a Morrison's so i thought id have a look and there it was so i got the only two they had.i also got one from a savers.

so these are the dreaded hairdyes! LOL

I got 2 of the Nutrisse ones in Morrison's for £4 each and the Belle color from savers for £2.99!

have you ever had trouble finding a product?

Sooo hard to find!

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