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Colour B4

By Princesstinks @princesstinks
So a while ago I decided I wanted to change my hair (no big surprise) so I got a box of color b4. 
                       Colour B4 

So this basically shrinks the color molecules so you can wash the away I warn you now it's a bit stinky but not terrible. I used the extra strength so you leave it for an hour I heated my head with a hair dryer covered it in cling film and made sure it was kept warm. So when the hour was up you have to do lots of rinsing and buffering (TIP:make sure you rinse well or it will re oxidise and go back dark) so when that was all done this is the result.Colour B4The after was a bit warmer than it how's due to the brown but I'm pleased it took me back to the bleach blonde I was before with my natural roots (which I covered lol). It works really well leaves your hair squeaky clean but not damaged I would really recommend it.

Check out there website you can buy it from boots, superdrug and some supermarkets there is a full list on the website it ranges in price from around £7 to £12. 

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