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Songs Im Loving at the Moment ♥

By Misspenelope90 @MissPenelope90
hi everyone,
so this is abit of a different post today, more lifestyle based but i thought it would be nice to share with you what songs ive been loving at the moment.
I absolutely love music, there is not a day i can go without it, and i love finding new songs and new bands, so if you have any throw them my way, i listen to pretty much anything and everything.
so these are my top 5 songs im loving at the moment:
(all off youtube)
Cher lloyd- I wish ft, t.i
well i love cher, ever since she did the want u back song, i didn't like the songs before that, but i love her voice and love that shes from near were i live, haha how said! and don't you think she looks abit like faith from buffy the vampire slayer in certain poses?
lorde- royals
no idea why i like this song haha, but i think its the beat in it, its really like flowing and calming, anyway i like it

one republic- counting stars im so glad one republic are back! i loved their first album and i love the fact they did the theme tune to the sorcerer's apprentice, its a disney film based on the mickey mouse version, but way better if you don't know what it is. and this song i can't get enough of, BUT what really annoys me is i can hear a squeak, only ever so often, like a chair needs oiling, its when he says "lately ive been, ive been losing sleep" and its just after the 2nd been, please someone tell me they hear it, its driving me insane haha

the vamps- can we dance yes i love these boys, haha, they got discovered on youtube if i am right, and they even made a video with dougie from mcfly :D i love the video, reminds me of my teenage house parties haha, and the song is ace, and really good if you go running too.

eminem ft rihanna- the monster well eminem and rihanna are a match made in heaven in music terms haha, i love eminem anyway, i loved him since ive been little and i know all the words to loose yourself, sad i know, but yeah and the song he previously did with rihanna was so good to, so i love this, give it ago you never know, you might just love him too hehe
so there you go, hope you enjoy this, and if you will actually listen to any of these, or have listened to any of these?
what do you think?

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