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Solve Your Sushi Cravings with Sushi Delivery Singapore

By Ireviewuread
Solve your sushi cravings with Sushi Delivery Singapore

Get Sushi delivered to your doorstep

Ever since my friend pulled me to a Japanese restaurant 10 years ago, I have been obsessed with sushi. From salmon to unagi, my favourite has got to be Hana Maki. The popping of the shrimp roes in between your teeth as you feel the soft and creamy texture grazed against your tongue. That thought alone got me salivating. However, with the recent pandemic happening, going out for sushi is not the brightest idea. Thus, we get them delivered.

Solve your sushi cravings with Sushi Delivery Singapore

Sushi Delivery Singapore

Sushi Delivery Singapore is the first restaurant-grade sushi and sashimi delivery service in Singapore. They offer a wide variety of Japanese dishes with over 10 different types of maki, donburi, appetisers and more. They also offer various party sets and sushi for large gatherings. Their most popular dishes include Salmon Aburi Maki, Avocado maki and Unagi Don - all of which would be included in this review.

The ingredients for their dishes are freshly sourced from Osaka and Hokkaido. They are the most popular regions of Japan that provide the finest sashimi. These sashimis were then air-flown to Singapore using the latest freezing technology within 18 hours to ensure maximum freshness. Aside from that, the chefs will only prepare your food upon receiving your order. Cooked food is sent within the hour to ensure you get fresh and hot food.

Delivery will be made within 2 hours of your order and you get to have free delivery if you order above $50. For rush orders, 1-hour express delivery is also available.

Solve your sushi cravings with Sushi Delivery Singapore

Hana Maki

Sushi Delivery Singapore has their fishes specially air-flown from Japan daily. Using the latest freezing technology, the fishes are kept fresh during the transportation and storage process. One way of determining the freshness of the fish is to order sashimi. However, I always find sashimi to be too little for my big belly. Thus, I order the next best thing, a set of Hana Maki.

The Hana Maki are sold in a set of five. Each piece contains a thick chunk of sashimi and an abundance of mayonnaise and shrimp roe on top of velvety sushi rice. This is a definite must-have for salmon lover. The salmon sashimi is immensely thick and fresh. The moment I sank my teeth into the sushi roll, I was able to enjoy the rich and smooth meaty texture melting in my mouth. The sweetness of the salmon fills my taste buds. I had a wonderful time savouring the dish. Everything was perfect but I did find that there was too much mayonnaise on the rolls. However do take note that, I am not a fan of mayonnaise in general.

Solve your sushi cravings with Sushi Delivery Singapore

Salmon Aburi Maki

Blow-torched to perfection, the Salmon Aburi Maki is the perfect choice for salmon fans. Sweet tamago chunks, wrapped in thick slices of sashimi, the salmon aburi had a smoky and creamy taste to it. The sauce has a smooth and rich texture to it while the filling has a hearty texture.

I enjoyed the sensation of the fish roes bursting in my mouth as the mentai sauce fills my tastebuds. The top of the salmon was torched to perfection while you are still able to taste the fresh sashimi at the bottom. I like how I could taste all the savoury flavours from the different ingredients complimented each other in a single bite. This is by far my favourite sushi from Sushi Delivery SG. The Salmon Aburi Maki comes in a set of 8 pieces.

Solve your sushi cravings with Sushi Delivery Singapore

Avocado Maki

To balance out the savoury palette, I threw in the Avocado Maki in the mix. Wrapped in a layer of creamy avocado, the rice cradles the sweet tamago, kani and crunchy cucumber strips within. The maki was then completed with a dollop of mayonnaise and fish roe.

The avocado was perfectly ripe and it did not disintegrate when I bite into it. It tasted buttery and creamy, alongside the sweet tamago. Consuming the avocado maki felt more like a sensory adventure. The dense avocado at the top alongside the soft kani and tamago in the middle allow the crunchy cucumber to stand out and shout its name. The best part was when the shrimp roes at the top popped like tiny firecrackers. The moment I hear the crunch was the moment I felt all sensations heighten. It felt like a party in my mouth. The Avocado Maki was a great sensory experience. All makis come in pieces of eight.

Solve your sushi cravings with Sushi Delivery Singapore

Samurai Unagi Aburi Maki

Glazed in a layer of mentai sauce, the Samurai Unagi Aburi Maki is the inquisitive dish in the mix. With a piece of cream cheese on top of the tenderly grilled unagi, the Japanese rice and seaweed hugged the Tamago and Kani in its embrace. The high-quality freshwater eel was lightly grilled and blow-torched to give the maki a smoky flavour. Accompanied with the cheese and mentai sauce, the rich and creamy texture foes well with the tender tamago and crabstick in the middle.

The freshwater eel was air-flown from the Mikawa Isshiki region, a region that is famous for the high-quality freshwater eel. I like how there's no fishy smell when I bite into the maki. I was surprised by how well the creamy cheese compliments the maki perfectly. The saltiness from the cream cheese combined with the umami flavour from the eel allows the subtle sweetness from the Tamago and Kani to shine and tickles one's tastebuds. It was a hidden gem. Like the previous maki, the Samurai Unagi Aburi maki comes in 8 pieces.

Solve your sushi cravings with Sushi Delivery Singapore

Tamago Maki

If you prefer simple bite-size sushi as a palette cleanser or appetizer, maki rolls are the way to go. With selections from Kani, Kanpyo, Kappa, Maguro, Oshinko, Salmon and Tamago Maki rolls, there's no monotony when it comes to maki rolls.

I chose the Tamago Maki rolls for Tamagoyaki is a special kind of egg that I simply can't replicate. This Japanese rolled omelette is a thick grilled egg made with dashi in a rectangular tamagoyaki pan. Some recipes involved soy sauce and mirin but everyone has their tamagoyaki recipe which makes trying out Tamagoyaki Maki rolls a new experience every time. Although the Tamago maki only consisted of 3 ingredients, the recipe of the Tamagoyaki can make or break the sushi.

Sushi Delivery Singapore has created a scrumptious rolled omelette. Densely packed, the tamagoyaki brings a sweet aroma to your mouth as you bite into the bite-size maki roll. To consume this in between the flavourful salmon and unagi maki makes this a great palette cleanser as I swap from one sushi to the other.

Solve your sushi cravings with Sushi Delivery Singapore

Unagi Don

If makis aren't enough to fill you up, go for donburi. Sushi Delivery Singapore offers premium donburi at affordable prices. From Salmon Aburi, Bara Chirashi to Beef Yakiniku Don, there's a wide variety of quality donburi for everyone to choose. Since Unagi donburi is my father's favourite, I've chosen that bowl to brighten up his hectic day.

Imported from Japan, the fresh unagi supply comes from the Mikawa Isshiki region. A region that is famous for its distinctive freshwater eel. The eel was then tenderly grilled and glazed with a special caramelised unagi sauce that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face upon the first bite. Finally the delectable unagi was placed over a bed of warm and fluffy Japanese rice, transforming into the luxury Unagi Don that you see.

Sushi Delivery Singapore review

All in all, the delivery timing was impeccable. The Unagi Don came piping hot and the makis came cold and fresh. They were the perfect temperature for consumption upon receipt. I love the unique flavours that each maki have. Additionally, they were very generous with the ingredients and sauce on the makis. It is wonderful to have big mouthfuls of sashimis instead of an overwhelming amount of rice. On top of that, plenty of utensils, soy sauce and wasabi were given in the delivery package as well.

Sushi Delivery Singapore

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