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By Uglytruthis

I grew up with a sociopath father. He liked to force the rules he made up upon everyone around him but rules never apply to him.

For example, He would:

  • Sell his own daughter for money
  • Nothing he said was what he meant, so you always had to guess and hope you were right so he would not explode
  • Kidnapped me out of elementary school whenever he pleased
  • Had love affairs
  • Make my mom do everything with him and not let her leave the house or have friends
  • Walk into closed doors without knocking
  • Video tape me all the time when I was little
  • Follow me around the house constantly
  • Talk at inappropriate time or basically all the time
  • Make everyone shower together
  • Involved in the pornography industry
  • Control the temperature of the house and blame me for changing the house thermometer when I did not even know how to work it
  • In the car he would control the sound volume and yell at anyone who talked because he was concentrating on driving
  • Make me go to bed in the middle of the day
  • Would burst into temper tantrums if he did not get his way
  • Played the most annoying bird sound music all the time, as loud as possible because he knew it annoyed me a lot
  • Forced me do things that were inappropriate

… I have lived with the embarrassment of this list for many years. The truth is not too pretty. It was safer to deny that my parents were bad and blame myself. If you lived with a sociopath, just know today that it was not your fault. You are not to blame.

Stay strong <3 You are not alone

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