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By Uglytruthis

My worst nightmare became a reality with the bug debacle of 15. It began with an infestation of lice.

Which after the 3rd syrup wash and three weeks of combing my hair an  hour a day, it is finally getting better. We washed all our clothing  (which I have a ton because of hording ) and wrapped everything in plastic like old people.  It is finally getting better. 

Then today a giant wasp was sitting inside my window…buzzing.  my body froze.  I hate the feeling of my environs being dangerously out of control.

We had not opened up any doors all day, so I had no idea where they where coming from?

We ended up killing it on first swat, thankfully. Realizing that the window is not sealed, and the mass of swarming demons outside could have all flown in through it.  so we taped it closed  ratchetly.

The situation is so metaphorical if life. How evil and  unclean things can creep into our lives unknowingly. Without the guide of God we did not know how to get rid of them.

Be it, I am still working through things with God right now,  I am thankful for saftey tonight.

Stay strong
You are not alone ♡

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