Community Magazine


By Uglytruthis

I am bored of life
I feel empty and restless
Depression had taken over all the colors in my world
I wander aimlessly and shop compulsively
no more creativity
I don’t know how to distract myself any longer
I don’t know what to do with myself
I would sleep all day if I could but sleep proves to be terrifying
I push all my friends away
Or they where never close to begin
Isolated in my own walls
It is so dark in here
I hate being alone
I hate facing the silence of nothingness
The empty knowing
Is unkind
God please save me
I beg and plea and I just don’t hear you
I don’t feel like your near
I feel very alone and scared
I don’t know where to run
I know you are there I just can’t seem to find you beyond the chaos in my mind
I can’t seem to do anything really
I look for hope
In this dark place of mind
Please help me escape

Stay song your not alone ♡

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