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Cleansing House

By Uglytruthis

Recently I have had to face my biggest fear and it has changed my whole life. I got head lice, my biggest fear is bugs. Bugs in my head is a nightmare.

We tried to get rid of them and the attack lasted for about four months. The stress in my house was dark and my head was burning every day.

I tried everything, from rid, to going to the doctor and have combed my head raw every morning for 1 to 2 hours.

Every night I have wrapped my head up in plastic with olive oil and tea tree oil to help kill the bugs. ( in the long haul, putting oil in my hair had made it strong and full. I would highly recommend it just for health)

I have been very mad at God and religion up until this point. In desperation I cried out, “what to do!?” God said to get rid of everything old.

I realized that when we moved away from my demonic past, we brought with us lots of old dark baggage. Our house was full of old clutter, Including my bed.

God said, clean your outsides so I can clean your insides. Slowly I give away everything old, And I have been sleeping on my floor with pillows.

Honestly I feel like I have lost my mind, but the simplicity of living without things ruling my life is so refreshing.
Next I went through and ripped up all my old negative journals and drawings.

I have been on a media fast and try to fill my mind with good things. We don’t own a television or watch movies because we gave it all away. I try to watch my words and let them speak truth and positivity into existence.

I have found that I have time to heal and to spend time exploring the beauty of nature around me. My free time is filled with adventure.

The next task is to purge my clothes to a bare minimum. To keep only the things I wear a lot. I have bags of compulsive shopping that need to be gone through.

This cleansing process takes time but it has drawn me close to the peace of God. Something I have never experienced before.

I have learned not to let things rule my life but to live simply and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me and to communicate to others rather than consuming myself with social media and disconnect.

Recently I went through all my blog posts and got rid of the complaining.

Today is a new day
I start fresh with the past behind me
Make the most of every day
I thank God for cleaning me and teaching me through this hard time

What do you need to clean out in your life today?

Your reward will be so beautiful!

Stay strong
Your not alone

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