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Social Media Pain Prevention Plan

Posted on the 09 May 2013 by Maria Snyder @MariaConsulting

Social media without a plan is painful.

Some have spent a decade managing social media, learning, and engaging audiences. After feeling awkward, an aaah – ha moment occurs when they simply start writing ideas down. With those ideas a plan evolves then success is evident because it’s in your plan.

So where do you start with social media?

Let’s start with an idea that builds your plan.

Focus the idea on next week’s business at hand.

Make the idea a task.

Create three more tasks related to the first one.

End each with the word success.

Did you write them down?

These tasks are your plans for social media.

Form tasked ideas as conversational sentences.  Ask a related questions or evolve them into a multiple choice selection quizzes. These are your posts.

Locate simple images that relate to your ideas.



Get started on one network and one only to begin, my best advice is Google Plus.

Log in to your account and post at 12:25pm Monday, 8:15pm Thursday and 4:30pm Friday.

Respond, react and enjoy the knowledge that it’s easier to perform under a plan.

Going forward, focus on 2-3 posts per week spread out like the example above.

Rinse, recycle and repeat!

Planning is not complicated it’s directional. Follow the plan. Your destination will be achieved.


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