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FreshBooks for Invoices and Payments

Posted on the 14 April 2019 by Maria Snyder @MariaConsulting

Hi everyone,

My wife Maria is a certified public accountant. Today is April 14th and she was very busy the past few months. FreshBooks makes customer management easy.  Because FreshBooks is simple to use I don’t need Maria’s help to use it.

FreshBooks keeps track of my time and makes invoices.  It is really easy to use.  FreshBooks website tracks my consulting time, sends invoices and reminders to customers. One best thing is my customers love it and pay me quickly.

Customers in Europe and Australia used to get paper mailed invoices sent to them.  Postage to mail overseas was expensive and the time to get paid was longer.  FreshBooks is awesome because I send European and far away company invoices via email. A Belgium customer pays me within 48 hours now instead of a month later.  

Simply the FreshBooks website works, it is just awesome from my non-accounting perspective.  Here are reasons why FreshBooks is awesome :

  • Most importantly FreshBooks reports are easy to do

  • Second important the reminders to pay me can be automated

  • Just as important the electronic payments are easy

  • Customer receipts are sent to my customers right away

  • FreshBooks now take ACH payments!

Maria pays most of our bills online with e-checks.  An e-check is when you go online to a company website and type in your bank’s paper check routing number and account number to process an electronic withdrawal from our account. 

Now e-check’s can be used by my customers.  FreshBooks ACH payments are the e-check payments Maria uses.  ACH stands for Automated Clearinghouse Payments available by United States based customers that allows bank transfers to be sent and received.  ACH payments are two times faster than other online payment methods. ACH is more convenient.

Accept Credit Card Payments Online Free Trial

Disclosure: My company, Snyder Consulting may receive compensation from the companies whose products are presented through the affiliate link above.

Customers in the United States have more options to pay me, either a paper check, via another electronic payment and now they can use Automated Clearinghouse Payments to initiate bank transfers.

Don’t worry European, Belgium and Australian based customers, your payment methods are not affected.  FreshBooks is still easy, dependable and available to use.

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