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Social Media Couponing Saves Money

Posted on the 29 May 2012 by Maria Snyder @MariaConsulting

Use social media to get coupons! I admit that I’m obsessed with coupons and I love to save money. Social media couponing – oh yeah you save money.


Why pay full price and give money away when you can use coupons and pay less.  It’s my money after all.


I play a savings game grocery shopping and save between 20 and 40 percent on my groceries. I try my best not to give away my money for full price items.


Here are details of recent shopping trips to Wegmans and Price Chopper [oh how I love thee]. My family spends about $150 per week to feed myself, my husband and two active daughters, ages 14 and 10. My goal is to spend about $100, we are slowly reaching it.


One Wegmans trip took me 20 minutes to plan. My total bill before coupons was $38.52 and I paid $18.39 —  a 52 percent savings (amount saved 20.13 / total value 38.52 = %savings of 52)!! Many items I got for free or for little cost.  Triple coupons and no kids with me made this trip easy. My 20 minutes saved $20.13, which is an hourly wage of $60.39 [AMAZING]


This Price Chopper trip pictured below took 10 minutes to plan. My bill before coupons was $58.29 and I paid $47.39 — that’s a 19% savings! These 10 minutes saved me $10.90, which is an hourly wage of $65.40 [WOWZA]

Note: my teenage daughter was with me and needed sports drinks, fruit and snacks that I had no coupons for but were necessary to purchase.  Here is a photo of my $47.39 purchase (4 Gatorade bottles are missing from the photo).




How do you save so much money [and keep more of your money]?

  • Plan your grocery trip with a specific list

  • Cut coupons and organize them weekly

  • Sometimes buy more than one Sunday newspaper if the coupons are that good

  • Target specific grocery store trips as I did in the examples above, my husband only does one store per week, I do the other

  • Use coupons coordinating drug and grocery store sales and promotions.

  • Seek out brands on social media such as Facebook; often you can get a coupon for liking a page [YES it is true]

So how do you learn what to do?  From this website (click her logo)

I Am THAT Lady
  or visit

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