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So You Want to Be a Blogger, Huh?!

By Lilmumma08 @mummy2to0h
This is FINALLY going to become a semi-half personal blog post, kinda, sorta if you know what I mean.
Last night I was invited to a catch up with Haystac and the beautiful ladies I have been emailing, which is a PR firm here in Melbourne in the heart of South Melbourne. Before I go into the post I would love to let you know of my night.
So it started walking the isles of the South Melbourne market as their night market was all happening and buzzing. Mind you this catch-up down the road started at 5:30 and when I looked at my watched it was 5:40, so I quickly made a V-line for the exit and headed to the Haystac Offices.
So you want to be a blogger, huh?!
Upon arrival we were greeted with bubbles that had been kindly supplied by the Brown Brothers and I was instantly drawn to the bouquet that was on the table, which I later found out was supplied from Flowers Vasette in Fitzroy.
So you want to be a blogger, huh?!The beautiful bouquet from Flowers Vasette
I love being able to catch up with PR’s and faces behind the brands I get to work with just to get a real personal feel for them and work on building an even better working relationship and who knows, even friendships. For me blogging is a huge part of my social life and I love meeting new people and exploring the bloggersphere that little bit more.
Little old me was surrounded by bloggers that are massive in my eyes and have made it time and time again. And there was little old me just almost star struck that I was invited to an intimate setting like this surrounded by the best in the business! 
Almost instantly I was taken away with the view, and mentioned to all the lovely ladies that I would be more then happy to come to work every day if that was my view… And this is where conversation sprung!
Which gets me to the personal side of this post, where I want to touch base on blogging and what my thoughts are on there for anyone thinking about getting a gig in the bloggerspehere.
So you want to be a blogger, huh?!A View I could never get sick of
I often wonder how amazing it would be to work for a PR (especially if it was in an office like Haystac's) and come super close to brands with amazing benefits, but then when I think further into it, it would become a massive responsibility and a lot of pressure to be able to do good by the client. You’re also not gifted with a wide range of clients and brands like us bloggers are, you have to stay committed to those who fall under your umbrella.
When I think about it blogger is the ultimate job, alright I might not get paid for what I do but the opportunities and experiences I get- money just cannot pay for those. There is no way in the real world I could get to do all the things I do and have the exposure to a whole new world I never knew about if it wasn’t for blogging.
It isn’t all sparkles and glitter though, and I don’t think people realize how much actual hard work goes into blogging. Blogging is fast becoming the next big thing here in Melbourne even Australia and every one seems to be wanting to get a gig now days.
But I often see a trend happening that every has all these big expectations that freebies and events just get thrown their way and all they have to do is sit behind the keyboard and write a few things about it. These personalities don’t last long in this business as it is not like that and you really do have to work hard for your keep.
So you want to be a blogger, huh?!My new Blog logo, which honestly changes more then I change my bed sheets; and that is a lot. Again I love change and mixing things up until I am comfortable with what I have- and this for me is my comfort now. 
Personally for me it is a hobby and I love being able to escape behind my keyboard and let my fingers do the talking. But don’t get me wrong it is a shit load of hard work that has got me to where I am today and even that is not where I want to be exactly. I would absolutely hands down love to make a career out of this like some other huge successful bloggers have, but I just don’t think it will happen for me unfortunately. I see it as like swimming in the surf, some get that killer wave that take them to the very top and others are just happy swimming in the surf and taking it all in- and I think that is where I sit. Then there are those that sit on the sand contemplating whether or not to jump in the water and when they do it become all too hard and they just give up, swim back into shore and decided it is better to just sunbake in the sand and sun.
So you want to be a blogger, huh?!Keep on Keeping on, and wear a smile while doing it :-) 
There have been times, a lot I put down to a hiccup not too long ago when I just wanted to pull the plug and call it quits as it does become a VERY competitive place and that just isn’t me. But then I realised I have been building my blog up since 2011, and what I just want to pull the pin because shit just got harder! In the end I was fighting the devil and this women won! I just kept on fighting and my writing even got better and I had a direction I wanted to head in on my blog and I stuck to it. Although some might say at times my blog is all over the place, but you know what I am all over the place and it kind of resembles me in a funny way.
So if you are looking into getting into blogging don’t over commit, and don’t think it is going to be easily sailing- it takes time and dedication and will at times have you thinking “What on Earth have I got myself into”! But if you can stick it out and fall in love to the point it is more then a hobby then heck yeah, I say take the plunge!

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