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So Who Won?

By Davidduff

For the benefit of my foreign readers and also for my Brit readers with a better social life than I enjoy (not difficult) I refer to tonight's debate between Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage about which I wrote this morning.  Of course, the question put in the simple form of my heading is daft and merely provokes more questions along the lines of 'wins what?' - hearts? - minds? - votes? or what exactly?

Well, for a start, no-one with a moderate knowledge and therefore semi-informed opinion on the European question will have changed their mind because of tonight's gabfest.  The personalities of the two belligerents were exactly as I expected, Clegg looked polished and smooth and therefore totally untrustworthy whilst Farage looked as though he would rather lean against a saloon bar than a speaker's rostrum which at least gave him an air of authenticity.  I suspect that if anyone with minimal political interest and knowledge had watched then Farage would have won, but as they probably weren't watching that hardly shifts the matter one way or t'other.

According to the immediate professional polls, Farage won handsomely but then I suspect that UKIP's membership was glued to the box en masse where-as many average Lib-Dem voters would have been watching whatever was on BBC1.  Even so, according to Sky News:

[A] YouGov poll of 1,003 people, 57% thought that the UKIP leader performed best compared to 36% believing Mr Clegg was the victor.

It was interesting that in the PR/News Room of the hotel where the debate took place, Kate Burley interviewed several of what might be called the 'metropolitan elite' (pass the sick-bag!) and by and large they thought Clegg had just won it which stood in stark contrast to the polling amongst non-elite plebs - now where have I heard that word recently? -  who voted 57 - 36 in favour of the rather common Mr. Farage.  Out of touch, or what?

Anyway, on Saturday on BBC there is round two.  It will be interesting to see if either contestant changes his tactics.  Incidentally, several people complained that Cameron and Miliband were not there.  I thanked the gods they weren't!

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