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So Which Do I Choose?

By Wendiw80 @asouthernyogi
I hope your break has been good so far. I am at home, enjoying a FULL WEEK off from work!! I have done some stuff in my house, cleaned, organized, I even took the christmas decorations down already. A lot of people are going back to work today, so if you're just catching up, I made a dessert, I entertained, and I did some christmas shopping.
I realized through the holidays after baking a bazillion cookies and even making some mash potatoes, that I am in serious need of a stand mixer. I've been wanting one for a long time, but it because they are so expensive, I've been holding off. My husband has sold a couple of things after our move, his trailer, his 1964 Bel Air, etc, and he has now given me permission to buy my mixer. I'm super excited, but still trying to decide which mixer to get. Here are my choices -
Some rules I've been given by my grandmother and mother in law -
*it needs to be over 400 watt. Anything under that is going to break or burn out
*the parts need to be all metal. Plastic is going to break
That's it. So Simple.

Kitchen Aid

So which do I choose?image source
The thing I like about this mixer is that it comes in a lot of colors and it has all the attachments, mainly for pasta and for ice cream. I also like that it's affordable BUT it's only a 325 watt motor and some of the gears are plastic. There are some bad reviews on Amazon, so all of those combined make me think this isn't a good idea. 
So which do I choose?image source
This mixer does have all metal parts and it's 525 but it's also $500. So, I could get a refurbished one, but let's see what my other options are first. 
So which do I choose?image source

The Viking is a professional grade mixer that fits all of the qualifications. It has an 800 watt motor with all metal parts. My only issue - it's at least $350 or more. That's not as bad as the one above though as far as cost and it has better reviews. Some of the reviews aren't great, but there aren't as many as there were for the KA. 
So which do I choose?image source
550 watt, I didn't see anything about the parts. The reviews were all good and it's about $300. 
So which do I choose?image source
This is the highest wattage and my mother in law has one. Some of the reviews say that the motor smokes, so that makes me nervous. 
Which one, which one? I don't know. Anyone have experience with any of these??? 

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