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So Whatya Do Now?

By Myfilmproject09

So my French movie is pushed back. But it's still working towards a potential fall shoot, or just some of the material for ahead. But what else can I do? Well I have a batch of scripts that I keep on deck.
So... have a look; maybe you can get an idea too?
10 - 1      May 23, 2019
I have 40 scripts but these are the usual ones asked for.
Our 45th        New ScreenplayIt seems so strange to relive the free days of our life, I try to understand what it was like and the different life we lived – WAS a wonderful time. We are fortunate to have lived the life we did in that era.” It all began when a daughter’s Facebook discovers her mother’s past and faces a whole new life from someone she never expected. It started with “Are you my mom’s ex.” A warm true story for boomers.
Emperor of Marshas had at least 9 options that never found funding and all were American. Nomadic had it for awhile. Biggest offer was for me directing with San Diego company but two arguments blew it..
Chase – Going to film in France in September with me as the only English speaking guy. It’s an action story where a man thinks a girl has been kidnapped. (already optioned)
The President’s HeartRequires international funding. Woman President in Europe suddenly has a heart problem and an alcoholic doctor is the only one he can do it.
Secrets of the Salmon– A woman returns to her small town on the Pacific where she wants to engage a twenty-year old battle with her father. But her father now has very little life left. (Currently reading)
Travel Day – A movie truck driver picks up an actor and a failing movie star to a long location and find a teenager escaping home. Idea from Destiny Ridge, a series I worked on.
Side by Side is a really different movie, it’s a combination of mob boss’s hitman who goes to Niagara Falls and finds an unusual love that can only end wrong. Everyone who has read it could hardly believe it. A story you’ll never believe with the people you see.
Goalie is a screenplay based on a true story about a Yukon hockey team that challenges The Ottawa hockey team in 1910 or 11. I wrote it for my friend Phil Borsos but the financing didn’t happen. However I was paid for the screenplay.
Janet Smith – I wrote this true story which occurred in the 1924 where a young Scottish woman working for a rich family in Vancouver and was murdered. It’s based on the book Who Killed Janet Smith. The author and I are friends, Edward Starkins. It was never made because the producer never made it.
*Producer was Robert Frederick, not a nice guy. Knowing him I walked into his office and handed him the screenplay. Later he said he didn’t get the screenplay – but all his staff who were on my side including Raymond Massey who was there working for him at that time. WGC fought and won.
So, I guess I have some stories yet. Just sent one out yesterday to a producer. Not sure though.
Tom, a  friend of mine once told me a great story. He was cameraman and director at a film festival when a young  film student approached and asked him how he could be just like Tom. Tom smiled and said it was easy. All the student had to do is to get a any job in TV or film and work thirty-five years.

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