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So What's Happening 'over There' Then?

By Davidduff

I confess, mea culpa, to a certain lack of diligence recently in watching events 'over there'; frankly, I blame an even Greater Power who has seen fit to bless us here in Somerset with a decent dollop of 'global warming' which in turn has led to an increase in my wine consumption and thus stifled my interest - and energy - in pursuing the finer points of the moral and financial corruption that constitute American politics.  However, my general impression is that almost the entire polity of the USA is sinking into a sewer of devious, unscrupulous knavery that Tammany Hall would have been proud of if it had even dreamed of pulling such strokes on its own behalf .

Perhaps the best example I can offer as a litmus test for the rank corruption of this administration is the re-action of the one part of the American system, the Supreme Court (SCOTUS), which still attempts to cling on with its fingertips to the conscience of the Republic, that is, the Constitution.  As John Fund reminds us in the National Review, since January 2012 - a mere two and a half years - the SCOTUS has ruled against the government by unanimous votes on thirteen occasions.  I cannot emphasize their unanimity strongly enough because four of the nine justices are Democrat nominees including one by Obama himself.  This fact alone will tell you just how deeply dangerous this administration is and how determined it is to change the face of America forever.

With some honourable exceptions, the American people seem to be sleep-walking towards state-controlled socialism of the very worst kind which is, I suppose, understandable given that the warning clarions that should be sounded loud and clear by the media are almost utterly silent.  Those of you who follow even slightly the activities of the American press will know that a few months ago when the aide to a Republican governor was caught out in a dirty trick which led to a huge traffic jam it was treated as a national emergency and swamped the headlines for weeks.  Needless to say, the Republican concerned who had presidential aspirations was severely damaged.  However, as an American, should you wish to know that there is now a strong presumption that the American tax authority, which already possesses draconian powers over individual citizens, is now an active arm operating on behalf of the Obama regime and the Democrat party, you would not find out from the likes of the New York Times.

I am not a naïf.  I know that American politics has never been a cricket match (not that they're always played strictly by the rules!).  Kennedy's election was won in Illinois and even Nixon was amazed at the strokes pulled by the crooked Democrat machine to ensure those 7, 000 votes were rustled up in time.  But those were all struggles for political and financial power without the ideological poison in them.  Today it's different.  The American acadamy was captured by the neo-Marxists decades ago and their seedlings have been spread far and wide across the political field where they have now flourished mightily.

The unpleasant but indisputable fact is that the United States of America has changed and, hope though I may, I suspect that it has changed irrevocably.  It is now not a given that on the giant issues of the day the USA will instinctively side with democracies as they did, albeit reluctantly, in the last two world wars.  We in Britain, as we move sluggishly to rid ourselves of European tentacles, need to bear that in mind.  It's a dangerous world if you're broke and weak and alone!


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