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So That's When You Can't Lose Your Boss.

By Myfilmproject09

So again, you have to keep those payroll people and the bosses remembering that they have to pay you. Of course my screenplay was read a bunch of times around town but until it hit Hallmark where it was dumped into a pile for three years.

I think I mentioned it before, but just for the newbies. A woman who knew some people at Hallmark (notice "friend/friends) rooted into a bunch of scripts and somehow she liked the script and that she could make it.

And yes, she optioned it. Of course you never know that anything ever goes through the optioning. I waited for a month or so and gave up. I think June or so. 

Then, if you read the story this last week, I never knew that the screenplay was read and seen without anyone telling me anything. If my director friend didn't come into contact with the producer I really would have never known I had a fully packed with Writer's Guild of Canada.

Nobody believed me.

Then, as you read (it has a date of the screenplay) nobody knew I existed. 

So then, I called WGC of course and they were all ready to do what WGC does. And if you read, it took just over 2 weeks to settle. Actually not settle, it was mine. Read it again if you haven't in the last week.

I went through all types of people who pass everything to someone else. There was a problem because I lived in L.A. and was it WGA or WGC. 

Finally, it all came to the end. I got a phone call from a woman with a rusty voice like she had been at this company more than the company itself. I immediately thought that she was the one.

She was, working probably when the company opened. She knew everything right now and there. She knew her stuff. It was Friday and she and her hoarse voice said simply;

"You'll have it Monday."

And guess what;  She did.

And by the way, wanna know who bought the screenplay?

She liked the young girl in the Christmas movie because the young girl reminds her of her daughter.

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