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So Now Will Netanyahu Act?

By Davidduff


Yet more larceny on my part as I shamelessly steal this witty cartoon which illustrates a bitter article by Roger L. Simon at PJMedia.  The news is that the 'wily oriental gentlemen' who command in Iran continue to run circles around the likes of John Kerry and the Obama sycophants (oh, alright then, the Obama suck-ups!) who staff the State Department these days.  Yet another extension is about to be granted to the Iranians as they drag out the so-called negotiations on their nuclear activities for yet another extension - six months? six years? 'til hell freezes over? or until the earth resembles hell as it dissolves into  the white heat of a nuclear wasteland?

It seems to me that in the order of priorities it is Israel that has the greatest threat to face from a nuclear-armed Iran although given that it has the ability to return with interest anything that Iran might hurl at it gives it a modicum of security.  Actually, it is the Sunni Saudis who might find themselves under the most immediate threat from the Shia Iranians particularly as both of them arm their various mercenary satraps to fight - and slaughter - on their behalfs.

The next group who should be feeling distinctly uneasy are the Europeans.  As Simon emphasises, the Iranians are pursuing with vigor a programme to develop an ICBM ability - like him, I wonder why and who is it that they might point them towards?  The one nation which in its (hopefully!) superior sense of total security is America, and that might be why Obama and his useless glove-puppet, Kerry, are so relaxed about these pointless talks.

For me, the bellwether on exactly how serious, or not, the Iranian programme is developing, is Israel.  It has far and away the best intelligence service and I think that if push comes to extreme shove, they will act.  In the meantime we will have to put up with the Obama/Kerry pantomime despite it being as funny as an open grave!  One thing is absolutely certain, we must do whatever it takes to maintain our nuclear submarine force.  I don't care if they run down the army and the airforce so long as those subs and their deadly missiles are available.  If the Americans hold back on providing us with all the necessary data we should 'go it alone' despite the huge costs involved.


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