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So It's Farewell, Then, Bob Piper

By Davidduff
You can always tell when a blog is dying.  The posts become more and more intermittant and consist of more and more long-winded quotes.  Thus it has been for Councillor Bob Piper's site which has now expired on its ninth birthday.  He is, of course, a hopeless old Leftie, quite beyond redemption, but I shall miss his blog.  Unlike so many of his Left-wing 'comrades', Bob would always take a contrary opinion on the chin - before retaliating with a head butt!  Even so, whilst he was, shall we say, robust in his retaliation, he never descended to the vicious nastiness of, say, Richard Seymour's vile site.  I shall miss his blog but I have invited him to visit here as often as he likes and to bring his hammer and sickle with him.

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