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Snow-White Accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Posted on the 13 February 2013 by Anna Peterson

To stay connected and accessorized, even during the winter season, many people will choose mobile accessories in a pure colour of snow. To have a fashionable “phablet”, just visit our website and choose an accessory that will make your white Samsung Galaxy Note 2 even more fabulous. These are only some of our suggestions to do this:

1. Galaxy Note 2 Leather Case - Zenus Prestige Minimal Diary

Zenus Prestige Mimimal Diary Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 - White

Zenus Prestige Leather Case for Galaxy Note 2

This Zenus case comes as a portfolio style case, and Zenus is a famous name when it comes to leading manufacturer of accessories for smartphones and tablets. Galaxy Note 2 case consists of the rigid back shell with a front flap that provides full protection for your Note 2. The colour is beautiful and simple, reminding us of the winter idyll.

2. Galaxy Note 2 Backup Battery Case – 4000mAh

Backup Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 - 4000mAh - White

Galaxy Note 2 Battery Case – 4000mAh – White

This is an accessory that is not only beautiful, but also very practical. This battery cover for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes with a capacity of 4.000 mAh and has a little kickstand on the back that serves as a stand for your tablet-smartphone. Do not be afraid when you travel, your Note 2 will be charged, protected and well connected with this external Galaxy Note 2 battery, anytime, anywhere.

3. Official Samsung Desktop Charger

Official Samsung EDD-D200WEG desktop charger - white

Official Desktop Charger for Note 2 – white

It is always handy to have a spare Galaxy Note 2 charger, and this desk charger is perfect because it can also be used as a desk stand and its design allows you to use it anywhere as it is small, compact, with a clean lines; ideal to decorate your desktop or bedside.

4. Warm Stereo Headphones – 3.5mm

Warm Stereo Headphones - 3.5mm

Warm Headphones

If you go on winter vacation, you need to keep your ears warm and enjoy your favourite tunes, and now this is possible thanks to these Warm Stereo Headphones. This is a trendy accessory that combines fashion and functionality.

For more accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 2, visit MyTrendyPhone UK.

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By Sahil Kumar
posted on 04 September at 09:01

Excellent collection of mobile accessories! Thanks for sharing with us. I’m huge of uniqueness and I’d love to keep everything exclusive which includes mobile accessories too. I am glad to come across such a fantastic post of mobile accessories.