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Smiggle Christmas Loves

By Lilmumma08 @mummy2to0h
This Mumma can be very sneaky at times and often like to kills two birds with one stone (although I would never in my life harm a bird, I just don’t know another term).  Smiggle Christmas Loves
So for Christmas I decided I would throw that stone and get two things done in the one hit- Christmas gift and back to school. Luckily for this Mumma my girls love art and crafts and those stationary items we all dread to buy.. So when I was shopping for Chrissy the other day, Hayley nagged me to go into Smiggle, over and over and over again. I gave in and went in there to see what kind of things the little munchkin wanted, little did she know Santa had already gifted her a whole heap of Smiggle (thanks team!!)  Smiggle Christmas Loves
As I saw the products in the Christmas release, I soon realised what a fantastic idea shopping at Smiggle for Christmas would be. As after Christmas is done and holidays are had, we quickly return into school mode and start prepping for the year ahead. I thought I would bundle up a whole heap of this stuff for Hayley to take with her for her first year of grade 1. It is hard to pick just a few items as all of their stuff is awesome, but my top 5 items for Christmas would have to be the following: Two Tone Talking Clock RRP $29.95Smiggle Christmas LovesI thought this would be a great idea for Hayley as she is just learning to tell the time, so this would be great to assist her. Then she can also get back into a routine without having Mum on her back to get her little bottom out of bed, the alarm will go off to wake her up.You can record your very own message or phrase as an alarm, which I think I would personally record something loud and funny to get her up in the morning as a little trick J Mean Mummy Awards go to me. Erasable Coloured Pencils  RRP $12.95 Smiggle Christmas LovesMy girls love colouring, and I mean colouring everything including my poor house walls. So I would sleep easy knowing the pencils they were drawing with and colouring in with were erasable. This would also double as a great stocking stuffer if you do stockings in your house. Highlighter Stax On RRP $5.95Smiggle Christmas LovesAnother great stocking stuffer, even for the older kids. I don’t know who would have more fun with this, the girls or me. I have already bought myself some of these for event and blogger projects I have coming up, so I have had a fantastic time stacking, re-arranging and pulling apart this highlighter stack.Konnichiwa Bag Tag RRP $5.95Smiggle Christmas LovesGreat as a stocking stuffer and it will be used for sure, nothing worse then buying a stocking stuffer that a few weeks after Christmas gets thrown away. You want something that wont break the budget, but then again won’t be thrown away or break. A bag tag for school children or even little ones that go to kinder, childcare or crèche is a fantastic idea in my books.Memo Notes Launcher RRP $14.95Smiggle Christmas LovesGone are the days where you used to have to pass notes under the table, these days they are just send via SMS or facebook message. But if you still like old school, and to have more fun with it- just don’t get caught; this is the gift for you. A memo note pad with launcher attached to it, so if you have a good aim you can fling your note to another person- or in the bin. There are 4 different varieties perfect for girls or boys which include: love hearts, Aussie Rules, Soccer and Basketball. Smiggle is a place where the little ones and the young at heart can go to shop for all their stationary needs and more. I love Smiggle, and I would have to admit Hayley even has a little obsession with them. What Smiggle Christmas treats appeal to you?Everything is available from Smiggle stores nationally (and internationally!!) or online atSmiggle Christmas Loves

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