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Smartsun - The Smart Way To Enjoy Sun

By Hannah Staveley
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Proudly hailing from Sweden, Smartsun is a brand dedicated to helping you have fun in the sun. The Smartsun wristband is a UV indicator, which changes color when it’s time to reapply suncream or stay out of the sun for the day.

The idea for the wristband was born when our team became tired of getting sunburn.When you’re having fun on holiday - sunbathing, swimming, hiking – it can be impossible to remember when you last put on suncream. There’s nothing like a painful, red burn to ruin a good holiday, and we found there wasn’t a product on the market which could accurately tell us the optimum time to top up on sun protection.With the Summer gone you might be thinking well why now well you never know you might be going on a holiday abroad for the winter or even been caught out on a rare sunny day at this time of year to take that extra step to make sure you will be safe in the sun.Smartsun - The Smart Way To Enjoy Sun

Its so easy to forget about reapplying sun cream when you are out in the red hot heat and having fun,but with this UV wrist-band its become much more easy.

How to use-1. Open the package, take out one wristband and then keep the package closed. The package should always stay closed.2. Remove the tape on the back of the wristband. Attach the band to your wrist with the yellow side facing out, towards the sun.3. The band can be used with our without sun screen. If you apply sun screen to your body you should also apply sun screen onto your wristband. The wristband will mimic your skin and the higher the sun protection factor you apply the longer it will take for the band to change color. When you re-apply sun screen throughout the day you should also re-apply sun screen to the band.4. The band will initially have a yellow color. When the band has been exposed to a certain amount of UV radiation it will change color to a beige tone which is an indicatior to apply more sun screen.5. When the band has turned pink it is an indication that you have had enough UV exposure and enough sun for the day.6. Smartsun can be used even if you go inside during the day for lunch, a nap, etc. When you go outside again, the band will once again start measuring the UV radiation. The UV radiation measured by the band is cumulative. When you have used the band during the course of 1 full day, you should stop using it and recyle it as plastic. If your sun exposure is low and the band has not changed color you should only use one band per day. Use a new band on the next day.Always use clothes and sun screen to protect yourself and avoid strong UV radiation throughout the day.

Each band is one wear only and features the following color changes:Yellow – unusedBeige – reapply suncreamPink – stay out of the sun

Smartsun - The Smart Way To Enjoy Sun

Smartsun - The Smart Way To Enjoy Sun
Taking a trip out with the kids to a outdoor play area on a sunny day we put into use the bands and at first did struggle to get them on but soon did it with a bit of help.Love the idea behind this brand and what its promoting to be safe in the sun as we know when kids get playing you easily loose track of time and at what time you put the sun cream on. Having this was very good Millie at first did say what is it and she wanted to take it off but as soon as she got playing she forgot she even had it on. Smartsun UV Bands sure do help in the way to be more safer in the sun and a clever why to help all of us in the fight to not burn.Do thing its fantastic the whole family can benefit from Smartsun.Prefect for holidays plus days out and even sporting activities in the sun.You can get 5 bands for £4.99 on Amazon - 
Smartsun - The Smart Way To Enjoy Sun

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