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Smart Metabolics Anti Aging Centre

By Sugandha Choudhary @sugandha04

Smart Metabolics Anti Aging Centre , Saket Delhi

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the preview of the latest offering from The Gujarmal Modi Hospital & Research Centre (GMHRC) , the Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre in Saket, New Delhi. Anti Aging is a word that immediately gets everyone’s attention, after all who wants to age? I mean aging is a natural phenomena and we cant really stop aging, but with the right kind of lifestyle and help from the technological advancements we can for sure delay aging & also age gracefully. The Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre is a first of its kind Metabolic & functional
wellness clinic in India that focuses on reversing metabolic damage caused by aging. It is a one stop solution to all age related and lifestyle diseases that are commonplace today. This latest offering from the Dr BK Modi owned Smart Group, follows his mantra of “helping people being Happy, Healthy and Wealthy beyond a 100.”

anti aging treatment

Smart Metabolic Anti Aging

Smart Health City Pte Ltd along with Gujarmal Modi Hospital & Research Centre , India will cover a wide span of domains. Smat living would include stem cell bank and research, rehab facilities, assisted living, senior care and anti aging.

We were graced by the presence of  doctors from the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine in various fields who gave us an insight into various factors that effect our overall health and what measures can we take to improve our lifestyle and health. At The Smart Metabolics Anti Aging Centre , the approach is to extend individual health and vitality through a mix of  mix of state of the art diagnostics, wellness programs, plant based nutraceuticals, lifestyle support and Regenerative Medicine Techniques, services are devised to arrest and in most cases, reverse disease. Is that not fascinating.

Anti aging is a dual process, its not only about what treatments and lotions we put on our skin its also a great deal more about what we put inside our body.  So exactly how does anti aging works? Well read on down below to know how by making some changes in our lifestyle we can lead a healthy disease free life.

How to lead a healthy lifestyle ?

Among other methods  in lifestyle changes like eating more fruits and raw vegetables, focusing on legumes and not consuming diary, and specially avoid soy milk as it is high in estrogen and can lead to cancer, so on and so forth…what caught my attention was intermittent fasting. I would like to share some details on that with you all.

anti aging

What is intermittent fasting ?

Its basically fasting and feasting at prolonged intervals. Usually its 16 hours fasting and eating two meals within 8 hours. You can start slow with keeping 4 hours intervals between your meals and let your body adjust. The doctor did mention it takes a couple of days for the body to get used to the change, but the results are for everyone to see. Intermittent fasting is not a diet fad but rather a lifestyle change. It helps in weightloss and muscle building but its not limited to just weight loss. It prompts healthy eating habits and has wonderful health benefits that may in some cases be beneficial in fighting and curing cancer.

Curing Diabetes through lifestyle changes

India is leading in diabetic patients in the world. Diabetes medicines have some side effects in our body, it leads to insulin secretion in the body which leads to weight gain as fat content rises, and ultimately increases insulin resistance in the body. Insulin resistance shouldnt be taken lightly, it leads to a lot of serious health conditions, cardio vascular diseases being the prominent one. Diabetes is a disease that can impact any part of your body, from skin , to your toe nail.

The Doctors at The Smart Metabolics Anti Aging Centre have an approach of not only treating the root cause but also preventative measures that should be taken so that we dont have the disease in the first place. The focus was also more on consuming products that are plant derived rather than animal derived. Clean eating and intermittent fasting is the way to a healthier body.

Coming back to anti aging, our body is our temple and we need to treat it like one. Pious and pure, so we need to be careful what we put inside our body. If we do take the above mentioned points into consideration and make necessary changes in our body the results will be for everyone to see.

But sometimes we all need some extra TLC for our skin and the dermatological department at the Smart Metabolic Centre is there for you. Some of the services they provide are

Anti Aging Procedures done at Smart Anti Aging Clinic

Smart Metabolics Anti Aging Centre

  • Botox not only helps eliminate fine lines and wrinkles but also provides relief from chronic Migraines. It also enhances facial features. Reduces deep seated facial lines. Quick fix for excessive sweating.
  • Derma Fillers .Hyaluronic Acid based Derma Fillers make trouble spot disappear. Hyaluronic Acid is responsible for the production of Collagen. Fillers provide instant face life, volume to lips, enhance cheek bones, define chin and jaw line, reduce saggy skin and instant hydration of the skin.
  • Smart IV Bar is a unique concept that provide instant jetlag cure enriched Vitamin B12 and other nutrients that can keep you ‘flying’ through the hours during and after your travels.
  • party hangover  quick fix that refills and hydrates your body with Vitamin C, Magnesium and other essential ingredients that can replenish your body’s lost reserves and leave you hydrated so that you never regret that bottle too many!
  • They have a wide variety of facials and specialty facials depending upon your skin needs. Amrit Abhisheka, Shaswat Saundarya are facials that follow more holistic approach  and are close to nature and Ayurveda based.

The Smart Metabolics Centre offers a wide variety of services for overall health and skin care. Its a multi specialty hospital, which using cutting edge technology with a balance of holistic approach to prevent disease.  Speaking on the occasion, Ms Preeti Malhotra (President – Saket Mediciti) said, “Our motto of bringing this concept to India was to disrupt the healthcare model that is based on reactionary care in India. Why should one fall sick? Or even go to a hospital?”

Dr Graham Simpson, who is one of the world’s leading Anti-Aging doctors, added, “The Smart  Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre will be a revolution in the healthcare space in India. Urban life has dramatically altered our lifestyle and diet which has increased the risk of disease.” The center is the first of many world class healthcare services that GMHRC plans to bring into India as a part of their upcoming project – Smart Health City which will be a fully integrated health hub with a Super Specialty Hospital, Assisted Living Centre, Medical Office Buildings, Stem Cell Bank & research and other facilities to cater to the Smart City of New Delhi.



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