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Small Ponds For Late Winter / Early Spring Bass

By Johnabrams82
You don't have to wait until March to catch some nice bass.  Smaller ponds offer some great fishing opportunities this time of year.  They tend to warm up much faster than larger bodies of water.  A few days of warm weather can quickly warm a small pond into the 50's when larger lakes are still in the 30's.  One reason is they tend to have dark colored mud or silt bottoms that heat up much faster than rocky or light colored bottoms.  Small ponds also tend to have a large amount of shallow water compared to deep water areas.  A few days of sunny warm weather and the water temperature will climb quickly into the comfort zone for bass.  So give these small farm ponds a try and you won't be disappointed. 
     These early season fish are going to be tight to shallow cover.  Look for submerged vegatation, underwater logs or brush, docks, anything that will offer cover will likely hold fish.  Also look for areas where water runs into the pond.  Feeder creeks or even runoff areas will likely have slightly warmer water.  In some areas there will be a temperature difference between the north and south end of the pond.  Normally the north banks will be slightly warmer.

Unlike in the summer months bass tend to be active more towards midday during this time of year.  they can still be caught all day long but peak activity seems to occur around midday sometime.  Also look for a string of warm sunny days.  Bass will usually be most active after the second or third day of a warm spell.  If possible get out and fish on the last day of a warm front.  an approaching cold front usually means rain and that drop in pressure will turn the fish on.

Fish as shallow and slow as possible .  Start of casting parallel to the bank and a foot or so out.  Try using lures that can be retrieved slowly.  I personally like jigs, jerkbaits, and soft plastics.  Also start off with small lures in the 1/4 ounce and below range.  These fish will be hungry but they aren't really looking for a big meal.  whatever you are using be sure to work it slowly and you should have some good success. 
Got any other tips?  Let me know by leaving a comment below.  Thanks and good luck.

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