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Skinjoy Ph-Balanced Professional Skincare – Developed Under Enjoy Haircare

By Blessmybag @blessmybag

Skinjoy Ph-Balanced Professional Skincare – Developed under Enjoy Haircare

I once had a favorite ph-balanced skin cleanser that utterly changed the way my agitated skin felt in my teens, it became utterly baby smooth and it FELT better, like the skincare was in tune with my skin or something like that.  Back then it was Johnson’s Ph 5.5 range, anybody remember that?  I was frustrated when it got phased out sooner than expected locally.  I extremely appreciated the facial cleanser and the body wash, then suddenly, after a year or two, they were gone and I could not repurchase.   I just spotted Skinjoy online as it seems to have just been made available on StrawberryNET under the mother brand,  Enjoy.  In my experience, Ph-balanced products do deliver and you feel the harmonious effect tremendously on your skin.  I’m very keen to try this range out and am particularly interested in the Skinjoy Foaming Cleanser and the Skinjoy Face Finisher which is a mild ph-balanced youth serum that brightens, seals, and protects the natural lipids in the skin.  Prices are of a premium mark but not unreasonable as can be expected from a professionally developed salon brand.  In my experience, although more expensive, less mainstream professionally developed products more often than not deliver the most impressive results.


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