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SKINCARE // QV Winter Skin

By Lilmumma08 @mummy2to0h

 OK, right off the bat I absolutely have no skin regime and it’s near on impossible. I barely find time for a bath let alone indulging in a skin care routine being a lady boss and more importantly Mum.
But now I’m creeping up towards the 30 year old mark (I mean not a day over 18 derrr) my skin just isn’t like it used to be. There are definitely signs of wear and tear now that are popping its head up in places and I wish I would have taken advice and looked after my skin when I was younger, but nope I knew everything.
SKINCARE // QV Winter Skin
I was lucky enough to be able to head to a little breakfast put on by QV skincare with the lovely ambassador Kate Ritchie at the Jardin Tan in Melbourne.
Kate was very relatable in all she said; being a Mum you have to be realistic on how complicated your skincare routine is not to mention finding products that are going to be safe with children.
For me I am borderline obsessive with worrying about what the girls put on their fragile fresh skin and of course drenching them in sunscreen so it practically drips off their skin.
So for me QV is a household name and permanently lives in our shower and bathroom- at little hands reach.
Initially it took me a while to get used to the fact that there was no fragrance, as I love fragranced products and ones that leave my bathroom and skin smelling for hours. But then it grew on me as my skin became sensitive after giving birth to Madison- didn’t even know this was a thing. Then Madison came into the world and showed me what sensitive skin was all about. As she gets older though it is certainly lessening and she is able to use a broader variety of products on her little skin.
Anyway back to the event and the on goings from the event. We were lucky enough to have Dermatologist Dr. Hope Dinh from Hope Dermatology come in and talk to us on all things skin and going more into depths about it all. And most importantly why choose QV over the rest.
QV has been around since 1953, so for something to be along for this long means they’re doing something right. Founded in Melbourne in a laundry when a humble chemist began creating ground breaking skin care products.
Kate then got up and let her into her world and shared her love for QV and of course her favourites.
So this leads me to my holy grail QV products, there are only four of them but they are must haves.
SKINCARE // QV Winter Skin
QV Gentle Wash 500g $18.95SKINCARE // QV Winter SkinThis one is something the whole family uses in the shower. Literally knocks out all the endless amounts of products on the floor, which the other half was very happy about, as it’s his pet hate.
Very gentle on all our skin and as I stated above has no scent, which I think contributes to being gentle on your skin.
The pump bottle is also a big plus as it makes it easy for me to teach the girls not to waste product and they know one squirt on the loofa will do their entire body.
SKINCARE // QV Winter SkinQV oil free moisturiser $15.29So recently I have started to stray away from makeup primers, as I know if you have a good moisturizer you don’t need a primer. For me using this product under my makeup works an absolute treat, and I have even found that it helps make it stick for the day or night.
Since being diagnosed with Graves’ disease my face breaks out with many little demons (pimples) and also is super sensitive and reacts in crazy ways. I have had to give away much loved staple products recently as my face just couldn’t handle them anymore.
Now I have found a cream that works on my face I can’t see myself reaching for another anytime soon, unless of course it is for review purposes.
SKINCARE // QV Winter Skin
QV Intensive Moisturizing cleanser 500g $23.45Now this one is Mummies magic weapon for Winter, I LOVE this stuff. It is similar to the gentle wash just a little thicker. Somehow it moisturizes my skin, which is much needed in Winter.It is not very often you can find a wash for sensitive skin that adds the element of moisture in-built in the product.
SKINCARE // QV Winter Skin
Same scent and all that to the gentle wash, I don’t think the scent varies in any of the products though.
SKINCARE // QV Winter Skin
QV Face Cleansing Wipes $7.29This is my lazy gal’ skincare regime right here :p Jump into bed, and wipe my days face off and hope I didn’t block pores during the day and wake up with pimples.I love how soft the wipes are and efficient with getting the gunk out of my pores and skin.
QV products are MADE IN AUSTRALIA, which makes me love the brand as a whole.
SKINCARE // QV Winter Skin
I also need to mention the incredible blooms that Fig And Bloom provided QV with for the event. Looking into organising them for my engagement and wedding I loved them that much. Simplistic, with white and touches of green, fitting in perfectly with the event space at Jardin Tan.
Products Available in Priceline and in pharmacies nationally. SKINCARE // QV Winter Skin

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