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Skin Sagging After Weight Loss – How to Prevent It

By Rishiraj @beautyglimpseIn

Shedding those excess pounds off your body is always good, be it in terms of health or appearance. But will you really like to ‘spoil’ all your look and efforts just by allowing your skin to sag after a major weight loss? ‘No’, right? So, let us find out a few preventive ways to avoid skin sagging after a huge success of weight loss.

Skin Sagging After Weight Loss

1. Age Matters

Start your weight loss journey as early as possible. Our skin remains more elastic in our young age. As we grow old, it turns loose and more prone to sagging. It becomes tough for our saggy skin to bounce back to its normal state, when we get old. So, keep your age in mind before making an attempt to lose weight.

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2. Go Slow

Losing weight at a rapid pace is certainly alluring for every overweight person. But it increases the chance of developing slack skin to a large extent as the skin becomes unable to adapt with the vast reductions in the body size at the same speed. So, go slow and lose no more than a couple of pounds each week. It will be a healthy method of weight loss and hence, your skin will remain firm and youthful.

3. Tone Your Muscles

Muscle toning exercises are very much helpful in preventing skin sagging after weight loss. Here is what you need to follow:

  • Practice weight resistance exercises (the intensity should be ranging from mild to moderate) at least 3 days every week. There must be 10 to 15 exercises each of 2 to 3 sets in the session. It will increase your muscle mass and reshape the muscle fibers, thereby ‘filling the hollow’ underneath your loose skin.
  • Practice cardio or aerobic exercises at least 2 or 3 days a week. However, this is beneficial only where the metabolism and potency can be compromised with the reduction in muscle fibers. Otherwise, choosing High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT over it will be a wise idea.

Tone Your Muscles

4. Stay Hydrated

The elasticity of our skin is highly depended on the levels of hydration of our body. Hence, drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day and keeping yourself hydrated all through the weight loss journey is of utmost importance.  It will give your bodily metabolism a significant boost and make your skin ‘recoil’ or snap back to its normal condition faster while losing weight.

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5. Eat Well

If you stay starved or live on a fad diet with an aim to lose lots of weight in one go, your skin will droop quickly and easily. Make sure that you consume a well-balanced diet intended for a healthy weight loss. Here are the things to consider:

  • Include lots of proteins in your diet to support the production of collagen in your body and keep the structure of your skin intact.
  • Opt for foods that are loaded with strong and powerful antioxidants. It will help you maintain the health and suppleness of your skin for long.
  • Eat as much fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. It will fulfill your daily requirements of essential vitamins and minerals, thereby upkeeping the normal shape and construction of the skin.
  • Increase your intake of healthy oils (mono and poly-unsaturated fats), seeds, nuts, etc. so that your muscles are repaired and your skin look toned always.

Apart from these, you can also take multivitamins and other dietary supplements, get your body massaged once every week and dry brush your skin daily prior to bathing for maintaining a firmer and young-looking skin even after losing weight.

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