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Six Word Memoir

By Beersting @beersting

CBC's SIX- Word Memoir Tag


Six word memoir

The post is published as a part of CBC’s six word memoir tag. CBC a.k.a. The Chennai Bloggers Club, a place where all the insane people meet to find their sanity in the form of literature and words.

 Good things come in small packages and what’s better than the life itself. So summing up my life in 6 words.

The torch of enlightenment was ignited at Destination Infinity and traveled through Reflections of My Mind to You!! and finally passed to me by Hemu, a normal twenty something girl residing at the Street of Smiles, writing and singing  her life story. And yeah she’s really good at blowing her own trumpet.


I would now handover the torch to Kaushik who blogs at K’s | blog de KaushiK. The guy is photographer at heart and amidst the beautiful photographs on his blog, you’ll find the writings of a passionate writer.

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