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Siri Brought to iPhone 4 [Video]

Posted on the 15 October 2011 by Alexferreirag @HonestTek

Steven Troughton-Smith, iOS developer, is working with 9to5mac and has been able to bring Siri from the new iPhone 4S to the iPhone 4. Siri, being an iPhone 4S exclusive feature, has been proven to run perfectly fine on the iPhone 4, the only problem is that Apple won’t authenticate commands from an iPhone 4 and therefore Siri can’t really do what your asking it to, yet.

But this only brings us to wonder why apple is not allowing this amazing feature to run on their other devices. Is apple trying to sell more of their new product? Or have they found some kind of problem with the hardware of other apple devices that might affect Siri? It doesn’t appear to be the second option, and lets hope it’s not the first. It is also said they might be trying to test this new feature on only one device before throwing it into the wild on all those other amazing Apple products. I seriously don’t really understand why apple is doing this so, what do you think?

Video of Siri running smoothly on iPhone 4.

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