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Why I Don’t Like Blackberrys (in General)

Posted on the 02 November 2011 by Alexferreirag @HonestTek

I have been a Blackberry owner for two years and don’t plan on switching phones until my current Blackberry Curve 8520 dies. I don’t like Blackberrys, and honestly never have. My current phone was given to me on my birthday by my parents, I did not reject it since I had been saying I wanted one. The reason I kind of wanted one (even not liking the device) was that it had Blackberry Messenger, and that was literally the only reason.  Out of all my friends there is only two I can name that don’t have a Blackberry, being a Blackberry owner is just really useful around most latin america. I believe this is going to change though, now that Apple has implemented iMessages into iOS I really think (and hope) Blackberrys will start loosing popularity.

Blackberrys can do most things a smartphone can do, but the experience is definitively not the same. It does fit all your needs, but not everything you want. Luckily I am also an iPad 2 owner, and before that an iPod touch 1g and later on 3g owner. Apple has been my savior ever since (and even before) I got a Blackberry. The middle I would say is Android. The experience on Apple devices is just magical, and the amount of apps on the android market and app store compared to the amount on app world is just so much! Also the quality of the apps is much better on iOS and Android!

Some people argue Blackberrys are good for business people, but I ask: How can they be better if other smartphones can do the same and more but with a [arguable] better experience? I know some people would say that since business people type a lot of emails a good phone for them needs a good keyboard, but the thing is there are a lot of way better phones of about the same price with good keyboards (if you think it’s necessary).

Blackberrys are a thing of the past, they were good while they lasted, but their time is now done. They have fallen behind.

I am not saying you shouldn’t buy a Blackberry, if you like them then go ahead and buy one. I am just giving reasons for why I don’t like them and don’t see them in the future of technology. I guess Blackberry has a long shot with BBX, but I doubt it’ll become popular. In my opinion it’s just too late for RIM.

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