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Siri Completely Functioning on iPhone 4

Posted on the 30 October 2011 by Alexferreirag @HonestTek

iOS Developer Steven Troughton-Smith has been working, since the release of the iPhone 4S, on proving that Siri does in fact work well on the iPhone 4 and other iOS devices. He has finally accomplished this. The only thing everyone is now waiting for is for someone to make it available through some jailbreak store (most likely Cydia), it doesn’t appear Steven  will be the one to do this though.

I have no doubts that others will package this up and distribute it quasi-illegally, or try and sell it to people. I am only interested in the technology and making it work; proving that it works and works well on the iPhone 4 and other devices.

Siri does work perfectly well on the iPhone 4, but it doesn’t really work perfectly on the iPod Touch 4 because the iPod Touch 4′s microphone just isn’t as good as the iPhone 4S’. You can talk to Siri and do everything you can do on the iPhone 4S, but you have to talk louder and clearer, not that big of a deal in my opinion. I know Apple is all about quality, but I wouldn’t mind having to do this since this feature is just amazing.

I am a jailbreaker and can’t wait to be able to enable Siri on my iPad 2, but the only thing left for me and all other jailbreakers (or people wishing to get Siri) that do not own an iPhone 4S is wait. Even though Steven is not wishing to work on distributing this to other people, as he said, other jailbreak developers surely will and probably are already working on this.

Siri working on iPhone 4 plus comparison side by side of Siri working on iPhone 4 and 4S

Siri working on iPod Touch 4

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