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Single Review: “Instincts”

Posted on the 29 July 2016 by Music Creates Us @musiccreatesus


Scottish band ISLE is not one you can just turn on in passing. They are a unique art form that comes alive throughout their songs. No song is more representative of this than “Instincts,” the final track on their debut EP, Grey

The song starts slow, making sure that you are paying attention to every little instrumental movement. Then come the vocals, fulfilling the appropriate build up of anticipation. The piano beat keeps you going, even if the background sounds do become a bit louder than the words themselves. But perhaps that just adds to the “instinct” of the song–the sound becoming more immediate than what the words mean. 

There is a perfect lull right in the middle of the song, echoing the lyrics, “Breathe it in, spit it out; you’ve got it all figured out.” It’s almost a way to check you back in, a calm in the storm before you are launched back in with a final gusto. 

You can listen to Grey on SoundCloud now and download on iTunes.

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Single Review: “Instincts”
Single Review: “Instincts”

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